We Support

CANCER AWARENESS ... together WE can make a difference

The Cancer Awareness initiative is a small step by the Kerala Club of Detroit, USA to provide awareness of Cancer among the people of Kerala, many of them poor, medically indigent, and unaware of the deadly consequences of the disease. Through mass media campaigns and other grass-root awareness events like community walkathons for cancer awareness, this initiative will drive awareness, knowledge, and solidarity in communities state-wide in fighting Cancer.

The widespread availability of medical literature and easy access to scores of material in the mass media in the Western nations about health issues and disease control makes it easier for its citizens to be informed about disease and possible treatment protocols. Alas, this is not the case with many of the people afflicted with deadly diseases in the developing world.

Student Scholarships

Vcode InfoTech proudly presents the annual Educational Scholarships and Merit awards

We believe a good education will build better citizens, better family members and better employees. We hate to see children discontinue their education due to less fortunate situation. Our student scholarship program in affiliation with a local school is designed to help some of the children on the above category.

Green Commitment

Go Green....

Vcode Infotech is committed on environmentally focused Digital solutions. The world is going green and we believe in digital solutions and processes that make a positive impact on environment.

  • 10% discount on green projects.
  • Online Payroll system.
  • Web meetings and collaboration tools.
  • Work from home options on selected roles
  • Minimum / No use of printers.
  • Energy efficient monitors and hardware devices.
  • Green project management techniques and Tools.
  • Electronic contracts and Online payments.
  • Conveniently located office to leverage public and energy saving commute options.
  • Sponsorships on green events and green community activities.

Academic Projects & Internship Program

This program is designed to provide a Jumpstart for students on their first job. Learning work collaboration, team skills and earning confidence will help the students to go a long way on their career. With this vision, we are committed on offering Academic projects and free training opportunities for selected students. We are very glad that many of our interns later became our valuable employees as well.